Hatch + Maternal Wellness Program

As a relatively new mom, postpartum health is an issue near and dear to my heart. Many people, even those very close to me, did not know how badly I struggled with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety after the birth of my daughter. I had horrible intrusive thoughts, severe sleep deprivation, and terrible panic attacks. After only a couple of weeks into motherhood, all I wanted, more than anything, was to not feel this way. I knew this wasn’t right. I knew I needed help. And luckily—thankfully—there were amazing support groups, programs, and people in the area I lived.

However, not all moms have access to the support that I received. As my awareness about perinatal mood disorders increases, I am shocked to learn how many areas have little to no postpartum care available for new moms.

So, how does this relate to Hatch Creative Services, you may ask?

We are honored and excited to announce our partnership with a new non-profit started right here in Grand Rapids...

Introducing the Maternal Wellness Program!

Among the many incredible services this program will provide, the main objective will be to create more awareness, education, and support for moms during the postpartum period. This program will fulfill a much needed void in women’s health as well as help remove the stigma surrounding perinatal mood disorders.

And the best part (well, maybe not best best) is that we, at Hatch Creative Services, will be a part of the program every step of the way!

I was first contacted by the executive director at MWP, Tabitha Grassmid, regarding design work.

Logo design, branding, fliers, a website… they wanted to hire us for all of it. I was thrilled and, of course, accepted the offer.

The Maternal Wellness Program has the potential to affect and, even save, so many lives. Not just mothers, or women, but this program will help families, children, the medical community, and probably beyond!

The education is needed. The awareness is necessary.

And the support systems are essential.

Please join me in congratulating and thanking the women who started the program —

Tabitha, Jessica, Carrie, Dana, Kathy, Pat... thank you! It is a privilege to be on this journey and I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together!