Evolution of a Design: Illustration Promo Card

Hello again! I've been so busy working on other people's projects, my own projects have taken a back seat for a little while (not a bad problem to have!). But I'm happy to announce that the blog is back!


To (re) kick things off, I decided to share my design process for my recent Illustration Promo Cards!

As a trained illustrator, I almost always start my projects with a sketch. I am a huge advocate of picking up a pencil and paper, and working your ideas out with sketching. I think we are often in such a hurry to get things done, that we often skip this important step, and just jump on the computer. But I love the process of seeing my ideas come to life with a few quick lines of the pencil...

"OMG, I'm so happy to draw!!"

So, when it came to my own design for a new Illustration Promo Card, I did just that—a quick, messy sketch. I was able to plan my composition, decide which elements I needed to include, and figure out a style for the design. All of that with a pencil sketch!

From there, I made a more detailed sketch which I was able to use the lettering from. I got out my handy-dandy light table, traced, and inked!

Once I scanned my inked lettering, I opened it in Illustrator and was able to use image trace to create the vector version.

Round two... I have to admit, I do like the sparkles!

All done by hand! Inked with Micron pens on Bristol Vellum paper.

The next step, was to create my self-portrait. I initially was going to create an inked version of my sketch with some cross-hatching, but ultimately decided to play with some flat vector shapes.

"I'm made with graphite..."

"I'm made with math!"

After all of my elements were recreated in Illustrator, I put everything together, and — viola! — my new promo cards! There you have it... straight from the drawing board!

Those little vector Micron pens are quite possibly my favorite part!

Those little vector Micron pens are quite possibly my favorite part!

Leave me a comment if you'd like to see more behind-the-scenes sketches or share something about your own process!