3 Steps to Revive Your Brand's Visual Identity

Last week, my husband asked me to check out a graphic he created for our social media. He was really excited about the idea of challenging our followers and clients to review their current (or not-so current) marketing materials and visual identity; putting the question out there, "Are you outdated?"

His excitement to launch this campaign was fueled by his most recent professional experience. For the last five years, he had worked for a company so stuck in the past that the very idea of updating anything was painful. They used old equipment, old office furniture, and old graphics. The accepted attitude was to "never upgrade anything." And as a person who was always researching the latest and greatest, this drove my husband crazy. Seriously. Crazy.

So he created the meme. He used bright, neon colors, giant fonts, and some rad 90's style arrows connecting the different blocks of text. 

Looking at his design, I was confused, "why did you use these colors? I can barely read this text." He responded with a big grin, "I know, that's the point!" I didn't get that he was being ironic. And if I didn't get it, would other people? It was then that we realized, people may have outdated designs and not even know it. Scary, right??

So, the question is... 


definition - outdated.jpg

Outdated is a four-letter word in the business world. None of us want to be outdated, but it can happen to the best of us. However, there is something you can do about it! 

Start by considering the following:

Are you comfortable with what you have been doing for years? Do you use the same old graphics, the same old fonts, that you’ve used since you started? Has it been ages since you updated your business card? Your logo? Your website??

If this sounds like you, then its probably time to shake things up. This year, make your New Year's resolution to revive your brand's visual identity!!


It’s time to put your resources into what’s working for you and explore new strategies! Review your social & print media. It’s all about the interaction and experience that your clients or customers have while using what you’re offering.


Ask around the office and get some feedback! Is your marketing vibrant? Is your business card getting attention or is it going in the trash? Do your customers want to leave your website as fast as they got on it? Does your logo date you? Survey and assess... and then take action!


You are not alone!! The experts at Hatch Creative Services can review your current strategies and designs, give proven advice, and revive your brand's visual identity. By scheduling a consultation, you are one step closer to leaving the past behind! We’re here to update your outdated materials and give you the necessary tools to succeed in 2017.

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article by Devin DuMond • content created by Jason & Devin DuMond

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