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No matter the size of your project—whether it’s a side hustle or a brick and mortar business—branding is what is going to set you apart, give you that polished, professional look, and increase the overall value of what you offer. With everything from unique and custom logos to full branding suites, Hatch takes you from concept to completion using expert insight, design, and tools you can use.


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If you want it all, and you want it done right, then this is the package for you. It’s like a magic genie for your brand but you only need one wish! This suite is the whole kit and caboodle — a comprehensive combo of our brand strategy, premium logo design, visual identity, and start-up design package!

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Your logo should be as unique as you are. It becomes the identity for your brand and should reflect the many aspects of your business, goals, and personality. At Hatch, we take the time to learn all about you and your business to create a stunning, individual design you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, with responsive design, you receive multiple versions of your logo to adapt to any scale, platform, or application.

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If you don’t know where to start, have lost momentum, or are ready for a change, then it’s time for a new strategy. Expert insight with actionable steps to get your brand working for you. Empower your business, discover your true clientele, and get your message out into the world.

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Do you have a logo but feel like your graphics are all over the place? A visual identity gives you the tools to make everything you touch turn into branding gold. This extensive brand guide includes colors, fonts, and design standards, all expertly curated to give your brand the cohesive look it needs to stand out from the crowd.

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You have a great looking brand… now what? Let’s put it all together with practical designs that are ready to work for you. Includes ready to print business card and shelf card designs, plus a branded website banner, social media profile pack, and 10 “sharables” to kick off your social media accounts.